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Pokemon White 2 was developed by Game Freak, published by The Pokémon Company and Nintendo for Nintendo DS Console.

It was initially released on 23 June 2012 in Japan as a pair with Pokemon Black 2 Version which shares the same plot with minimal changes.

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This game is a direct sequel to 2010 released Pokémon White Version with the story beginning after two years of the first version.

The story begins in the beautiful Aspertia City of Unova Region.

In the past two years, many changes have occurred in the beautiful Region of Unova.

Many new cities were built like the southwest now contains location such as Aspertia City, Floccesy Town, and Virbank City.

Certain areas such as Challenger’s cave is no longer accessible, and various new locations that were inaccessible in the previous version could now be explored.

At the beginning of the game, you will meet Bianca who is now the assistant of Professor Juniper.

Bianca will give you an option to choose a pokémon out of three that will ultimately become your starter Pokémon.

Those three pokemons are – Fire-type Tepig, Grass-type Snivy, and Water-type – Oshawott.

You will also receive your Pokédex from Bianca which has improved and now features a total of 301 Pokémons from the beginning from every generation.

After getting your starter Pokémon and Pokédex you will go on a Journey to explore the game and become the strongest in your Region.

You will fight various trainers, Gym Leaders, catch strong pokemons, and will also stop Team Plasma from achieving their evil intention of controlling Unova.

At the moment you can store six pokemons in your team.

This game has improved a lot in terms of Graphics, Storyline, Character, and number of Pokemons available than the previous generation.


Pokemon White 2 has an exclusive place known as the Pokéstar Studios which was not available in any previous generation.

This game still has an exclusive area known as the White Forest that we first saw in the Pokemon White Version.

Features of Pokemon White 2

Fight Other Pokémons and Trainers –

After getting your first pokemon from Bianca(Professor Juniper’s Assistant), you go on a journey to explore the game and become the strongest trainer in the Kanto region.

To become the strongest, you have to make a team of extremely powerful Pokemons with high attack and defense power.

In the beginning, you only have one pokemon that you got from Bianca.

With the help of your starter pokemon, you have to fight and catch other pokemon to make the team.

You will encounter various pokémons while walking in the long grass.

As soon as you encounter a pokemon, the screen mode will change to fight mode.

The opponent Pokemon is shown on the top right side with its HP(Hit Points) on the upper left side.

Whereas your pokemon is displayed on the lower left side with its HP on the lower right side.

You will have four options to choose – FIGHT, BAG, RUN, POKÈMON.

If you want to fight, then you can choose the FIGHT option where you will show four attacks that your pokemon can perform, and you have to select one of them.

If you want to catch the opponent or drink a potion, then you can choose the BAG option.

You can merely flee by choosing the RUN option, but if the opponent is stronger than you then you will not be able to leave the match.

For checking the summary of your pokemon or exchanging one in a fight, you can use the POKÈMON option.

Before throwing a Poké Ball make sure that you attack the rival and lower its HP.

You can attack the opponent by choosing one of the four attacks that your pokemon can perform.

Then go in the BAG option and choose the Poké Ball to throw a Poké Ball at the rival.

The lower the HP, the higher the chances of catching a pokemon and putting it in your team.

At the moment you can store six pokemon in your team.

In your Journey, you will also battle various trainers just like you who want their pokemon to be strong.

By fighting, your pokemon will gain experience and will also learn new moves that can be used against the opponent.

If you win the battle, then you will also get some money that you can use in the store to purchase something, like a Poké Ball.

Beat Gym Leaders and Elite 4 –

The goal of this game is to become the strongest trainer in the Unova Region.

To Become the strongest trainer you will have to fight strong trainers known as a Gym Leader.

There are a total of eight Gym Leaders in the Unova region that you will challenge and fight.

Those Eight Gym Leaders are Cheren, Roxie, Burgh, Elesa, Clay, Skyla, Drayden, and Marlon.

If you win a match against a Gym Leader, you will receive a Gym Batch which is proof of winning.

In this new sequel, there are various noticeable changes that you will see when fighting a Gym Leader.

Some changes are that every gym has a remix of their music, Cheren is now a Normal-type Gym Leader, two new Gym Leaders named Roxie and Marlon appear and had replaced Lenora and Brycen.

After winning over all the eight Gym Leaders, you will receive a total of eight gym badges that will allow you to fight the Elite Four.

The Elite Four is a group of strongest trainers in the region with pokemon levels anywhere between 50-75.

After winning over Elite Four, you will battle the Champion who is the strongest Trainer in the Region.

The Champion has a team of extremely powerful pokemon, and you have to win over him to become the new champion and complete the game.

Batte Legendary Pokemon –

In this game, you will find a lot of Legendary Pokemons like Cobalion, Virizion, Latias, Heatran and more.

Legendary Pokemons are those rare pokemon that have strong abilities and are often the strongest pokemons.

Two of the strongest pokemon in this game are Reshiram and Kyurem both found at level 70.

You can battle and catch Reshiram in the Dragonspiral Tower and Kyurem in the Giant Chasm cave.

After catching Kyurem and Reshiram, you have the option to either use Kyurem as a normal pokemon or merge both the pokemon to make White Kyurem.

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White Kyurem is a mighty legendary pokemon that have a potent attack and defense.

Having a team of Legendary Pokemons will make it difficult for you to lose a battle.

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Fight Team Plasma –

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Over the past two years, Team Plasma has split into two groups, one that is still loyal to N and their goal is to liberate the Pokemon from their trainers, and the other is controlled by Ghetsis whose goal is to control Unova.

Later you will find that Ghetsis is planning to freeze Unova region with the help of Legendary Pokemon Kyurem.

Kyurem fights and defeat Reshiram and absorb him to transform into White Kyurem.

To stop this beast from destructing the Unova region the player is forced to fight with White Zekrom.

Once you fight and defeat White Zekrom both the pokemon will again separate into their physical form.

Later you have to battle with Ghetsis to stop him from accomplishing his evil goals.

After Battling with Team Plasma, you will be able to challenge the Elite Four and the Champion to become the new champion.

Visit Pokéstar Studios –

Pokéstar Studios is a new place in the game where the player(you) gets an option to star in a movie.

While entering the studio, you will be asked whether you would like to shoot a movie, if you want to star in a film then select the Shoot Option.

Then you will be asked to select a Script from a bunch of scripts that you would like to perform.

Different scripts have different genres like Horror, action, etc.

And selecting the script, you will be asked whether you would like to use a rental pokemon or not.

If you choose a rental pokemon, then you will be given a pokemon that best suits the script.

Inside the studio, you will see a character on a green screen waiting for the shoot to begin.

You will perform all the action according to the script, and after that, the shooting will end.

After the shooting is over and you come out of the Studio, you will be asked whether you want to release the film you just shot.

If you select Yes, then you will see your movie is displayed in the theatre.

You can also go and watch your movie in the theatre among the audience and can witness their reaction to the film.

Brief Info

ROM NamePokemon - White 2 Version
File Size77.44MB
ConsoleNintendo DS
Release Date(US)23 June 2012

Direct Download Link

How to Download Pokemon White 2

Follow the steps below to download this game on your PC, Mac, Android or Linux properly.

1. Download a Nintendo DS Emulator on your Device(PC or Mac) as this ROM will only run on a Nintendo DS Emulator.

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2. Download the Pokemon White 2 ROM from the link above and a file will download.

3. Open your Emulator and click on ADD ROM and add the downloaded game file.

4. Done, Enjoy your game.


Q.1 Which is the Best Emulator for Playing Pokemon White?

Well, there is no straightforward answer to this question as all Nintendo DS emulators have their pros and cons.

It also depends on your Operating System as some emulator may be best for one OS and worst for the other.

Q.2 How To Download Pokemon White 2 ROM?

You can easily download Pokemon white two from the link above. After clicking on the link above you will two download links, you can choose any one link to download your favorite game.

Remember that you need a Nintendo DS Emulator on your device to run this game otherwise, you won’t be able to run this game on your machine.


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